Wednesday, March 02, 2011

This is a blog post, but it is more of a foreshadow: The Real World

About 6 months ago I jokingly applied for "MTV's The Real World." Why? Well, why not?

The audition sign-up page on was pretty straightforward. It explained how the first round of auditions were to be performed online. Applicants had to submit 3-4 pictures of themselves and type a 7-10 sentence paragraph that answered: "What makes you unique?"

I quickly typed a paragraph, chose 3 pictures from Facebook, and submitted the application.

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I was boarding the Harrison red line when my cell phone went off and I had received an e-mail from "MTV Productions." Because my application to the Real World wasn't very serious, I had forgotten that I had even applied, so you can only imagine my face when I opened the e-mail to find the above header and a "VIP Pass To Cut The Line". 

Long story short, I have an audition on Saturday. The real blog post will come then when I dissect the auditioning process. I just thought that I would tease a future, more interesting post. I mean, shit, what would an author's blog be without a little foreshadowing, right?

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  1. OMG Bill!! You would be perfect on Real World! I would definitely watch it then! lol