Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome To The NEW BILLness Blog

Thank you to everyone who has decided to switch over and follow this blog. It will be a little different, though. It will be much more colorful and (hopefully) more enjoyable for all.

 I decided to begin from scratch for 3 reasons:

1. The last blog was beginning to look sloppy. I couldn't format it with ease. In my opinion, it was a slight eyesore.

2. is for SWIM and SWIM's readers. It is not for my thoughts and little jokes. I needed a slightly more creative outlet, and I believe I found it.

As mentioned, these posts will be different. Less censored. Very SWIM-esk. They will all be random, extremely random. I have ideas, but I am not sure how it will all piece together quite yet. I will still post updates regarding SWIM, but I will also write about everything and anything.  Basically, I am hoping to make this an extension of my Facebook wall––an extension of an extension in a way... if that makes sense?

3. I want to interact with my readers. Yeah, Facebook is the best for that, but surprisingly, not everyone has Facebook. I hope you all interact. Tweet about this page (upper right hand corner), Like the page (again, upper right hand corner), and send me links about ANYTHING!  (I am not telling you where that one is. Where's Waldo-style).

Another great feature is that you can now comment on posts (though I enjoyed e-mail feedback, this is MUCH easier for me)!

Thank you for your time. Now without further ado... I give you the new and improved, BILLness Blog.


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