Wednesday, October 05, 2011


WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?!?! I am absolutely amazed that I did not blog about this when it came out. I didn't even tweet about it!

As you may know, Jack's Mannequin inspired the title of Swim, (and a great deal of my motivation) with their single, "Swim" off of their Sophomore album, "The Glass Passenger". (Get it now, on discount, if you don't have it).

On September 22nd, lead singer, Andrew McMahon, and the rest of the band released their Junior LP, "People and Things". Personally, I am absolutely IN LOVE with the album. Unlike almost everything on Top 40 radio nowadays, the album is filled with meaningful lyrics and smooth melodies. Certainly worth a purchase, or at the minimum, a sample listen on iTunes.

Here is the title song, for all of you who have yet to hear "Swim":

If you like that track, check out the single from the new "People and Things" album:

That is all from me. I am going to head to bed now, amazed that it took me so long to blog that.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

SWIM For A Cure - October 2011 and Beyond

It has been a while ladies and gentlemen. I believe I haven't blogged about anything in nearly 2-3 weeks.

I wanted to check-in with everyone so that I can make a formal announcement regarding SWIM For A Cure.

Lately, I have been donating proceeds to different charities/causes every 2 months. I have enjoyed doing it this way, but I have run into a snag in the system.

I began SWIM For A Cure during the awkward month of February 2011. Consequently, I began working with charities on a 2-month schedule when I only had 11 months left in the 2011 calendar year. Because of this, I had to either run one program between two calendar years, or give 1 charity/cause an intensely big month. I chose the latter.

With that being said, I am happy to announce that this month, 40% of all proceeds through the SWIM For A Cure eStore will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. I will also be making donations from book signings and events (dates TBA) and I will hopefully make up for that lost month by having a VERY active October.

How do I plan to do this? Let me explain:

Typically, I have relied on the Chicagoland area to host my SWIM For A Cure Events/book signings. However, this month I will be traveling. Below are the dates and locations in which I will be at speaking/visiting for other reasons.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10/7/11 - 10/9/11

University of Florida
10/13/11 - 10/14/11

Cleveland, Ohio (Literally, the city of Cleveland. No logo, nothing specific).
10/20/11 - 10/24/11

So I guess what I am trying to say is that if you have an awesome idea for a restaurant/bookstore/store/business/library/ANYTHING that you think would be a great spot to hold an event, let me know.  OR If you have a friend/family member who may run a business or have a great idea, forward them the blog. I'll have some down time before and after speeches and I'd much rather raise money for a cause than just sit on my iPhone playing "Cut The Rope" or "Angry Birds."

I hope everyone has been well since I last blogged! Take care, and hopefully I will see some of you out at an event!

Email me an idea: Click Here