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BRAVO & HELL NO! 2/27/11 - 3/5/11

It's time for the first installment of BRAVO! & HELL NO! In this segment, I will comment on my 3 favorite things from the week, and the 3 aspects of life that managed to piss me off. Please note, it is very difficult to piss me off, so if something managed to anger me, it is REALLY lame.

Now, if you happened to have glanced at the date of publication, you may have noticed that I am posting this on a Sunday and not on a Saturday. I know, I know. Technically today is the start of a whole new week. In all honesty, though this form of post has a "weekly" vibe to it, I am becoming progressively worse with deadlines, so for the sake of this blog, just pretend today is Saturday.

Now, without further ado... BRAVO! & HELL NO!

BRAVO to this video.

Not so much to Charlie Sheen, but to these beautiful 2 seconds. I kid you not when I say that I spent easily 20 minutes of my life watching this video on repeat. That's right, do the math... triple digit views on this one. Though, I must say, in regards to Charlie Sheen as a person... I kiiiiinda like him more now after watching his 20/20 interview. Yah, he's crazy. But I challenge you to live in Chicago, ride the CTA 2-4 times a day, and then tell me just how crazy Charlie Sheen really is. I'm not condoning his crack rock parties, hooker meet-ups, or his "tiger blood," but I must say, in comparison to other celebs... he's fucking nuts. In comparison to society... Charlie Sheen could run for Senate.

HELL NO to the entire premise of this movie.

Since I first saw this trailer while watching American Idol on Tuesday (What!? Bill, you watch American Idol? Seriously? Yah, I do. And I'm currently rooting for Pia Toscano because she is insanely hot). Anyway, every time I saw this trailer for Beastly, I could not help but say out loud, "Really? That's easily the dumbest movie plot I have seen since since G-Force" Fortunately, I am not the only one to feel this way. During this weekend's episode of SNL, Miley Cyrus and Andy Samberg spoofed the movie beautifully.

BRAVO to rapper, Truth Himself.

In my opinion, this guy is one of the, if not, THE best unsigned rapper out there right now. One of the biggest selling points for me on this guy is the fact that he actually has lyrics that mean something. In today's music scene, lyrical content is missing in easily 90% of music and is very hard to come by. For this, Truth Himself, I salute you.

I have provided a SoundCloud link to his track, "One Song". Give it a listen, you won't regret it...

(Taken at a fashion show in Paris, France on 3/4/11)

HELL NO to the world of fashion.

By no means do I consider myself to be a stylist, a fashionista, or even a TJ Maxxinista, but even I know this is not hot, attractive, nor will this style ever catch on in the states.

Personally, I feel bad for these girls. I can't help wonder what is going through their mind as they strut the catwalk looking like they just came from the deleted scenes of Black Swan. Then again, maybe they love it. Like I said, I am the furthest thing from a style expert, so if I am wrong, I'd consider this a warning, ladies. Next season, shit-stain makeup and Roseanne Barr ass may be the new trend.

(To see more videos and the entire campaign, click here.)

BRAVO to the American Cancer Society's "More Birthdays" Campaign.

I was actually introduced to this campaign back in December in my Ad Copy class at Columbia. However, it wasn't until the ad ran during the Oscars that I remembered how awesome it was. It is so incredibly intelligent. They took a topic that would typically buzzkill anything and did a complete 180. Instead of talking about how many people are dying from cancer, they talk about the number of people who are living due to cancer research and donations. Atop of that, they created a website where you can buy wrapping paper that is designed by the participating artists, and they created little videos that are guaranteed to go viral through social networking sites. Pure genius.


HELL NO to the state of Wisconsin's Legislature!

State Sen.  Mary Lazich and State Rep. Mark Honadel drafted a bill this past week that would prohibit anyone from making a prank call, modulating their voice, and/or using a service to modify their Caller I.D. output name.

Many are speculating that this new bill is a response to Governor Walker spilling the beans on tax payers money to a blogger who was pretending to be a Billionaire lobbyist.

However, I feel as though I need to speak on the behalf of a large group of people who are going to be affected and devastated by this bill... Wisconsin citizens with shitty names.

Can you imagine how many noble, tax paying citizens of Wisconsin are going to be inconvenienced by this bill? The Wisco DMVs are sure to be flooded with men and woman alike named Hugh Jass, Mike Rotch, Ivanna Havesechs, Dick Burnz, I.P. Freely, A. Nellsex, Ima P. Ness, E. Rex Sean, Harry A. Nuis,  and countless other.

This blog has many Wisconsinites following it. Because of this, I urge you all to CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN and beg that they repeal this vote.

If not for Clint Torres, than at least for the children.

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