Monday, April 18, 2011

You HAVE TO Watch Oprah Tomorrow!

Hey Everybody,

I know, you are probably seeing that Oprah logo and saying to yourself, Oh My God! Bill is going to be on Oprah!


However, a great family will be.

SWIM readers may recall a section of the book where Chicago Bears Cornerback, Charles Tillman, and his wife, Jackie Tillman, visit me in the hospital. As I detail in the book, Charles and Jackie were compelled to visit me after they went through a similar situation with their daughter, Tiana.

Since Tiana's life-saving heart transplant, Charles and Jackie have set out on a quest to not only raise organ donor awareness, but to provide aid and support to children and/or the families of children in need through their Cornerstone Foundation.

Tomorrow, all of the couple's generosity and hard work will be recognized on Oprah.

The show airs tomorrow at 9:00 AM and re-airs at 11:00 PM (CST).

Please forward this post to all of your friends so that both the cause and the Tillmans receive the greatest amount of recognition, which they deserve.

For a sneak peak at the show, click here.

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  1. Rock on, Bill! Thanks for the info! And when I saw the name Charles Tillman in various news blurbs lately, I was thinking, where have I read about that dude? :-) Thanks for the memory jog!